about us

Solar Afric provides design, installation, maintenance, and repair of solar photovoltaic power systems to un-electrified homes in the communities. Solar systems will bring huge benefits to homes in Africa. They replace smoky, unsafe kerosene lamps with brighter light, allowing work, study and social activities after dark. They also power radios and cell phone chargers, enabling families to be in contact with the rest of the world.

The Management Team

The management team of the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Samuel Artley, the Chief Operating Officer, Maryam Murbe, the Technical Officer, Jason Petro and the Electrical Specialist, Omar Valez, gives the company an excellent team to start off the project.


Dr. Samuel Artley, Founder, is a practicing dentist and a business owner in the Palm Bay area for the past 10 years. He brings along a unique perspective as a professional, a businessman and the technical innovator. Dr. Artley has very strong African and business






Maryam Murbe, Co-Founder, has years of varied international and community related business management experience. Mrs. Murbe’s international experience and personal connections with the target audiences in Africa and the USA, gives the company access and integration into the potential clients’ base.



Omar Valez, Co-Founder, is an electrical technician, a system development installation and code compliance coordinator. He brings along 11 years of related experience to Solar Afric. He has been part of the team work for many months, learning and putting up systems together from the rudimentary to the working prototype we have today.

Jason Petro is an Applying electrical engineer with expertise to help design and manufacture custom circuit boards to be used in Solar Afric products. Jason is supplying engineering services to support Solar Afric in defining product requirements/specifications and create Schematic(s) and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design files. The company employs local workers both in Florida and in Africa, thus promoting employment. The workforce involves trained technicians in the upcoming green energy field. The technical employees will be trained by the company on the most effective and efficient methods of creating environmentally friendly energy source.