Solar Home System - Equalizer

The Solar Home System is an AC/DC system. It consists of a single 80 Watts solar panel mounted on the roof, and connected via a voltage regulator to a battery for charging during day time and at night it provides direct current for the home. This is a medium size unit using 80 watts panel. The daily output of the system is 1,200 watts, which can support the use of three 8 Watts LED light bulbs (60 Watts CFL), a radio, a universal cell phone charger and a color TV/Computer. This is a pure sine wave system that controls electrical fluctuations. This system is designed to allow expansion on both ends: additional panels can be easily added for longer duration; or additional batteries for more power. The Equalizer System aims at providing clean bright lights for 3 rooms within a household, three cell phone chargers, and a port for a small appliance (radio). Additionally, the Equalizer will power up a medium size television/computer for up to 6 hours daily via its AC outlet.






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